What is Document Review?

Document Review forms a vital aspect in both Litigation and Non-Litigation work. It determines if the technical and Legal aspects of policies and procedures are current and adhere to the governing rules. These documents provide the foundation for the security posture of any firm or individual, but are often overlooked. Documents are reviewed to ensure their technical accuracy and completeness, thereby assisting in discovering gaps and weaknesses that could lead to missing or improperly implemented factors.

We, as Legal Professionals typically verify that the documentation is compliant with latest amended Laws, statutory procedures and regulations and guide you on replacing factors that are deficient or outdated. Common documentation weaknesses include lack of compliance with amendments. Document review ensures that all the necessary factors are implemented properly. Results of documentation review can be used to fine-tune the documents in an efficient manner.

Who can avail?

We cater to Individuals & Businesses.

Which category of Documents are covered under this Plan?

  • Employment
  • Corporate
  • Business
  • Legal
  • Banking & Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Will

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