The entire purpose of a trade mark is to individualize the goods or services offered by a trader from those offered by other traders. A trade mark is thus a vital component of any business. It not only provides the trader with a distinctive identity but also showcases to consumers that the goods or services with the mark belong and come from a unique source, discernible from all the other sources for those goods or services.

Why is Trademark Required?

It is not imperative to register a trademark, however it plays a major role not only to protect the identity of your business but also in adding up to its face value. The eminence of an entity can be tarnished if it is misrepresented by other entities/individuals. Trademark registration ensures legal protection to the uniqueness of your business and helps your brand to be well recognized and make a mark over the years.

Application Process

  • Trademark Search
  • Application Submission (Only in cases where Trademark search shows availability)
  • Vienna Codification
  • Examination in the Trademark Registrar Office
  • Journal Publication (If accepted after examination mentioned above, in case of Objection kindly look for further procedure under the Trademark Objection service provided by us)
  • Trademark Registration Certificate allotment (In case of no objections after Journal Publication)

Documents Required

  • Form TM-A duly filled/ Form TM-1 duly filled (depending on the class/classes).
  • Form 48- Form 48 is used to provide us with an authority to file your trademark application.
  • Proof of identity (POI)
  • Certificate of Incorporation in case of Entities.
  • Proof of address (POA)
  • Udyog Aadhaar (Only in case where one wants to avail the monetary benefits provided by the government to Udyog Aadhaar holders)